How I started to do jogging

For some time I had been looking for and trying various physical activities. I wanted to find an activity which will not depend on anyone and anything. It will be above all regular and available at all times. It was very important for me at the moment, I wanted to feel that in the end I was doing something for myself and for my health. It is only me who has influence and that depends only on myself. Will I finally start moving? Will I still be postponing every day for tomorrow and tell myself I will start from Monday?

I had always looked at the runners in a strange way and at the same time I had admired them. I could not understand what pleasure they were taking from running around in a circle, non-stop the same, no variations. It is so boring!

And then the moment I had never even dreamed about came. I would never have thought that it would come in such  beautiful natural environment and the sun as green Tuscany.

We decided with friends to go for a late vacation with children to sunny Tuscany and all three of us went there. I am writing about Tuscany, because it is one of the few places where I was, where you want to go back and which will always remain in my memory. There just remains a feeling of insufficiency or even sentiment to this amazing place and pulls you back into this mysterious atmosphere. You have to experience such a journey yourself, in order to feel what I want to convey, because it is hard to describe it just in two sentences.

But I was to talk about jogging and not travelling, so I  am coming back to the topic.

We arranged with my friend to meet at 6 am, it was the end of September, the sunny and hot September of Tuscany, as I remember this moment exactly three years ago. That day was a cool but sunny morning and it was very pleasant. When we were running, looking around, there was no one, I remember there was incredible calm, birds chirping and that beautiful, green nature. My friend was running quite fast and I was following her.

I was running farther and farther away from our house and these wonderful views of Tuscany were so absorbing that I did not feel tired. This was my first time, my first 5 km.

I noticed that these views while running, were giving me energy, they absorbed me so much that I dd not feel tired, I was not thinking what distance, I had to run to be back home.

And that was when an important moment for me came. I understood something very important to myself that I had experienced something new and very positive. I understood: how much strength, energy, running had given me and I felt inspired. Most importantly: I felt the lightness of the spirit, freedom and liberty …

I thought to myself: you can run at any moment, I run even in the rain. While running, I noticed a lot of pluses. Among other things, I experienced several states. The state of reflection on a subject, the state of peace, that you do not have to do anything, you do not have to hurry anywhere, a meditative state without thinking about anything and nothing to worry about. Nobody will hurry you and judge you, no one will set any conditions, because it is you who decides about everything. When you will run, where and with whom.

I noticed something amazing, so far I had never paid attention to it. When I am running: I can see, I notice, I watch every single  leaf, every plant, I look at every person I meet. It is a great training of mindfulness!

Since then I have been running for 3 years and I recommend it to everyone, it is worth trying it! Try to find a moment, create conditions that will give you a lot of pleasure and a lot of energy and thanks to this you will inspire yourself, motivate yourself and even improve your fitness and body!

Do not put off for later, just go and do it!

As a motivation for you it can be: studies carried out by two psychologists Morgan and Pollock, who compare runners with the entire population. They have found that runners show lower levels of tension, depression, fatigue and disorientation. And they also compared runners with people who had never run. It turned out that those who ran were distinguished by the fact that they had a better mood and a high level of vigor. And this may indicate that they will cope better in stressful situations because they are more positive about the world.

What can you do today?

Coaching inspirations:

Find a comfortable and peaceful place where you will feel best or maybe you have your favorite corner at home, where nobody will disturb you.

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths and answer the following questions:

  1. What do you need at the moment?
  2. Rate on a scale of 0 to 10, how important is it for you?
  3. What would you like to start with? When?
  4. What will running give you?
  5. What will happen when you run 1km or 2km?
  6. What feelings will accompany me when running?
  7. How can running help me?

Mentoring tips:

  1. Set a goal an achievable and realistic for you, because it is very important to start with small steps, so as not to be discouraged quickly, eg start with 1km.
  2. Install an application for running, as it monitors your progress, archives dates of running, so that you will be reminded about running as well as motivated.
  3. Set yourself regular days of the week and the time when you will run and save it in your planner, it does help not to put off things for tomorrow.
  4. Always try to run before a meal or possibly eat something small and light, because with a full stomach one runs much harder and you will quickly get discouraged to keep going. Buy yourself nice clothes and shoes, if you pay attention to it, have several sets for a change, so it will make it easier for you to organize and motivate yourself.
  5. Do not take long breaks in running, if you have already caught the rhythm and run regularly, keep going, as returns can be hard.
  6. Always remember, as soon as you manage to achieve your goal or even put small steps in a matter, reward yourself for it! Our brain remembers it, thanks to which we have a positive attitude and more energy to act.